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Friday, March 25, 2016



Parsha Desserts- leftover Purim snacks of course!!

Educated Guess:
The first day the Kohein does his service, he has to bring,
Oil and flour, a mincha as an offering.
The Kohein Gadol does the same, following the Torah way,
But he makes sure to bring one every single day.

The laws of the korbanos for the kohanim and what they have to do,
Is reviewed in this week’s parsha, there’s a lot to go through.
The Torah tells us how Moshe anointed the kehuna to Aharon,
And also to his sons who all were so well known.

After teaching all the rules and working very hard,
Moshe calls Bnei Yisrael to gather in the Mishkan’s courtyard
With a special kind of oil, Aharon was anointed,
And to be be a Kohein Gadol he was then appointed.

There is something in this parsha, that I want to see if you know,
What is it that is constant and always has a glow.
This had to be seen for an eternity,
Do you know the answer, look in your chumash to see…

(The fire must constantly be burning on the mizbeiach and the Koein is responsible to never let it extinguish.)

Parsha in Action:

Memory games give you the opportunity to exercise your brains and help improve your language and concentration skills and your memory.  What a perfect Shabbat to play a memory game since it is so important to REMEMBER what Amelek did to us so long ago.  Last week was Parshas Zachor- which means to remember. And since yesterday and today (In Yerushalayim) is Purim, we must always remember...

Sit around your Shabbat table  and the first person begins by saying a sentence in story form  'I went to the store to buy bread'. The next child repeats the sentence and adds an item. 'I went to the store to buy bread and milk..'. Everyone keeps building on to the story. You can change the game by everyone going around the room and saying a name and an item that begins with that name. For example:'Shira went to the store and bought napkins and met Meira who bought milk...' 

The child who forgets a line is out of the game. This is a great game that I play with my patients in speech therapy.  It is also a great language builder.

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