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Monday, February 3, 2014

Ruchie's Mishloach Manot Themes

                                                                                                                        Ginzei Hamelech:

Ginzei Hamelech the King’s treasure chest,
We put in all this treasure, found only the best.
But the real hidden treasure is right in front you can see,
It is the chesed and care from friends and family.
Enjoy these rich treats, we hope that you have fun,
Wishing a Happy Purim to everyone!!
What you will need:
Chocolate coins, treasure chest box, necklace candy, any treat you desire.

     Hodu Vead Kush:
Achashveirosh had a lot of possessions- rechush,
He ruled from Hodu all the way until Kush.
So here for you is a kush- chocolate cake,
And a Hodu (Turkey) sandwich for you to take.
Wishing you happiness, and lots of good health,
Happy Purim to you and enjoy all your wealth.
What you will need:
Chocolate cake, Turkey Sandwich

      Shushan Habira:
127 lands Achashveirosh did own,
In Shushan Habira he sat on his throne.
Bira- the beer, and Shushan that’s the rose,
This is the theme that for this year we chose.
Enjoy your great Purim, time quickly passes,
And don’t forget; look at life through rose colored glasses!
 What you will need:
Beer, Chocolate rose, rose shaped muffin, rose colored glasses

Did you notice we have a theme?
Mazal of Adar is Dagim.
We even added extra spice,
We thought it would look very nice.
Munch on crackers with tuna fish,
And make sure to tovel the pretty dish.
We hope you like the things we sent,
We’re fishing for a compliment

What you will need:
Fish dish, fish spice, fish crackers, jelly fish, water.

  Vayimalei Haman Cheima:
Everyone bowed down to Haman except Mordechai,
He simply refused, he did not even try.
Vayimalei Haman cheima, he was angry what should he do?
Cheima also means butter, we prepared some with a roll for you.
Peanut butterbutternut squash and a butterfly you can see,
A Happy Purim to you and your whole family!
What you will need:
Peanut butter, butter, butternut squash muffins, butterfly...

Naddeda Shnat Hamelech:

The King couldn’t sleep, he was twisting all night,
Something he felt was just not quite right,
He asked his servants to bring his memory book,
He opened it up to have a good look.
He found out a story that he did not know why,
He never rewarded this man Mordechai.
Maybe he should have tried to count sheep,
And drink milk and cookies to fall back asleep.
What you will need:
milk, cookies, notebook.

Migadol vead Katan:
Achashveirosh made a party and invited everyone,
It tells us in the megilla- migadol vead katan.
BIG COOKIE, little cookie and the same with the wine,
BIG CHOCOLATE, little chocolate we think it’s divine.
So here is a little something it was not a BIG deal,
Have a wonderful Purim and enjoy your Purim meal!
What you will need:
big chocolate, little chocolate, big petit bars, little petit bars, big wine, little wine.

 Venahafoch Hu:

Etihw rehto eht dna kcalb syas eno fI,
Thgir syas eno dna gnorw syas eno fi
?od uoy nac tahw ?yas uoy dluohs tahw
!uh hcofahanev yas ffo ti hgual tsuj
Enjoy this opposite theme, and the inside out,
Because having fun on Purim is what it is all about.
(read this poem from right to left…)
 What you will need:
Bag to turn inside out, anything you want that you could put upside down or backwards.


Italian Theme:
Things you will need:
  • Strainer
  • breadsticks
  • biscotti
  • garlic
  • pasta
  • pasta sauce
  • oregano
  • garlic bread
Do you like Purim, or do you find it a pain?
So much to do and all of that strain
Don’t you wish you could just leave your home,
Go to places like Venice, Milano or Rome.
We know that’s too hard, so we brought it to you,
The pasta, the sauce and oregano too.
You’ll enjoy these delights, we can guarantee,
We added the breadsticks and some biscotti.
The garlic was included- I’m not quite sure why,
I guess it’s a sign to ward off the evil eye.
Enjoy your fresh garlic bread, it is so divine,
And you could top it all off with some Italian wine.
Oh- if you can’t find the wine- then you must not recall,
Right when you got this- you finished it all!!!

 Arba Parshiot:
Things you will need:
•             Small white board that erases
•             Moon shaped cookies
•             Elite Chocolate with cows on them
•             Chocolate Coins

Purim is here and you all must admit,
Pesach will be here before we all know it.
Between all the planning, we forget to take note,
That we also do read the arba parshiot.

Since we get so distracted, we kind of forget,
Which parsha we read or haven’t read yet.
It is important -and we really do care,
But we just don’t have the time to prepare.

Shkalim comes first; please don’t let it melt,
But now you can see why the chocolate gelt.
And Parshat Parah- yes the chocolate cow,
You’re catching the theme, are you getting it now?

Parshat Hachodesh, cookies shaped like a moon,
By then you sure know Pesach is very soon.
Yes we remembered that there is one more,
How could we forget that there’s Parshat Zachor?

Write things to remember, but don’t you mistake,
Make sure you erase the zecher of Amalek.
To make it easier for you, you could write what you can,
A happy Purim to you from the whole _____ clan.

Beach Theme:

Things needed for this Mishloach Manot:
beach bag
peanut butter
Spring (brand) drink
Munch & Crunch (optional)

Look inside the beach bag and you will sea,
The rollspeanut butter and jelly.
Or make a sandwich with tuna fish,
wave goodbye and have your wish.
So if it suddenly springs to mind,
To go relax at the beach, and unwind.
The marshmallows will fill your tummy,
Munch and crunch on the chips they are yummy!
And don’t forget to set aside,
Your very beautiful shvimkleid.
Life is a beach that is for shore (sure)
A very Happy Purim to you and many more!!

Haman's Garbage:
Things needed in this Mishloach Manot:
Small garbage can with lots of “ junk”  to fill inside….

Can you believe it’s Purim, can you believe it’s here?       
Where has all the TIME gone by?  It passed another year.
This holiday is busy, this holiday is fun,
And now take in a deep breath, cuz all the work is done.

You changed your mind a thousand times , your costume is complete,
You finally figured out what you’ll be, boy that was a defeat!
The stores were all so busy, a long list you’re family wrote,
What will be made for the seuda and put in mishloach manot.

So much JUNK is out there, you were not sure what to buy,
And you want everyone to be happy; you don’t need them to cry.
There is so much GARBAGE that is sold; you’ll buy it if you’re willing,
And boy we are sure by now the dentist makes a killing!!!

Well in our Purim story, it’s Haman we do mock,
When he rode Mordechai around, boy was he in shock!
And Haman’s wife and daughters had a very nasty plan,
They’ll be ready for Mordechai and dump their whole GARBAGE CAN!!!

They were all so happy; they were having so much fun,
Until they realized that the trash was on their evil Haman.
So in honor of the story, we’re giving you some JUNK,
Be happy and be merry as the men get a little drunk!

You can learn a lesson; you can learn something new,   
Be careful with your garbage, see who you’re giving it to.

       Have a wonderful Purim!

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