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Thursday, June 21, 2012


Bnei Yisrael might have thought it was odd,
That Hashem asked Moshe from each shevet a rod.
But some of Bnei Yisrael still had doubt,
How Aharon was chosen, what was that all about?
So from every Shevet, they each brought a staff,
And the Nasi would put on it, his autograph.
From Shevet Levi they had one of their own,
And on it was written the name of Aharon.
Moshe placed the staffs exactly where he was told,
As everyone watched them and then lo and behold.
As Moshe left all the rods for the whole night,
He came back in the morning and saw such a sight.
One of them changed like a branch from a tree,
Can you guess whose changed miraculously?
Not only did it change, but even added some more,
There was something else added that wasn’t before.
Can you guess whose it was and what also did grow,
If you guessed the answer, this Parsha you know!

(Aharon, almonds)

This week we read in Parshat Korach that Korach was jealous and angry at Moshe and the positions of authority that he and others held.  He began a rebellion against Moshe.
"And they gathered against Moshe and Aharon and said: You have too much! The whole congregation is holy, so why have you lifted yourselves over the congregation of Hashem? [Korach:16:3]"
In Mishlei 27,4  it is written: “Wrath is cruel, and anger is overwhelming; but who is able to stand before jealousy?”  Being angry and jealous is a very bad middah.
You will need a bottle of soda (with soda in it) for this game. Begin by talking about anger. Now tell everyone that the soda bottle represents anger. Everyone will begin talking about what makes them angry and then begin tossing the bottle back and forth between each person. After a while call stop and the person holding the soda bottle must open it. The built up pressure in the bottle will cause the soda to explode. Explain how anger builds up until we eventually explode. Let us remember that just because you do not have what someone else has, does not take away from who you are.  In fact, because everyone is different, you can do things that no one else can do.  Viewing yourself in this way can provide you with the knowledge to know that everyone has a mission in this world.  We are all given special talents to make this world a better place.  Don’t be jealous of others.  Use what you have!

In this week’s Parsha, Korach and 250 men were swallowed up.  Here is a cake that represents all of the men being swallowed up.  This cake is so delicious- everyone will swallow it all up!
What you will need:
Apple cake
Toy People or cookie people
Apple cake:
·         3 cups flour
·         1 Tbsp. baking powder
·         1 tsp. salt
·         2 cups sugar
·         1 cup cooking oil
·         4 eggs
·         2 1/2 tsp. vanilla
·         1/4 cup orange juice
·         2-3 apples, sliced
·         1 tsp. cinnamon
·         3/4 cup granulated sugar
1.      Place all ingredients (except apples, cinnamon and 3/4 cup sugar) in a large mixing bowl. Beat until smooth.
2. Pour half the batter into a greased tube pan.
3. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar.
4. Arrange half the apples, and then sprinkle with more cinnamon sugar.
5. Repeat layer.
6. Bake at 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 degrees Celsius) for 90 minutes. (Check for doneness by inserting a toothpick into the cake and checking that it comes out clean.)

When the cake has cooled, place it on a round dish.  Place plastic people upside down in the center of the cake, or bake people cookies. (Recipe  for cookies in Mishpacha Jr. 306).

Have a wonderful Shabbat!

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